• Avails-Automation-v2.0
  • Offer-Management-v2.0
  • Deal Management v2.1
  • Supplier-Payments-v.2.0


With ever-expanding content offerings, platforms, rights and business models, it has become more difficult to manage your content supply chain and offers to end consumers. Mediamorph’s integrated suite of modules helps you maximize revenue with better insight and management of your content rights, pricing strategy and associated information.

  • Deals helps you better understand your complex contracts and rights, for digital, linear and TVE
  • Our Title Avails and Metadata Automation solution, the first in the market, utilizes our industry-leading data platform to streamline and standardize title avails data from hundreds of content partners, while increasing accuracy. Uniquely we tie incoming title avails to contracts stored in our Deals module.
  • Offer Management solution helps maximize storefront revenue through streamlined EST & VOD title management
  • Come the end of the period, Supplier Payments can be fully automated by tying them to contract terms and consumer purchase data


Entertainment distribution is transforming and growing rapidly across platforms, devices and territories. Managing, tracking, analyzing and accounting for global distribution is critical and needs to be scalable.

  • Deals helps you better manage your distribution contracts’ complex digital financial terms and rights details. Accurately sharing availability windows and managing pricing effectively is challenging, but crucial to maximizing distribution revenues.
  • Only Mediamorph’s industry leading Studio Connect makes it easy to manage pricing and streamline the entire process
  • Our Sales Tracking and Royalties solutions ensure sales data is measured quickly and accurately at a title by title basis, matching to contract terms and avails pricing details




Television is being consumed in more ways than ever. Understanding how the audience shifts and how content is performing is a fundamental.

  • Mediamorph monitors the total audience across all media and aligns those figures to revenues, customer behavior and social insights. The effect of VOD on affiliate deals has meant increasing complexity in deal structure.
  • Mediamorph’s Deals solution provides improved insight and management of your affiliate contracts
  • Our Royalties module will streamline payments received from partners