Data Management

Data Management:

Track is our industry leading data management platform. Studios utilize Track Digital to consolidate sales data from hundreds of platforms around the globe. Television Networks use Track Cross-Platform to combine linear and non-linear information for total audience measurement and sales data from Affiliate deals are aggregated using Track Affiliate.

Data Management

Data Management:
Connect Avails & Metadata

Mediamorph Connect is an innovative solution for managing content licenses, rights, availability dates and metadata from various sources and processes, making the job of scheduling, easier, faster and more accurate. Connect Avails & Metadata streamlines and cleanses the information coming in from Avails notices, emails, and other data sources.



Mediamorph Deals provides the central point for managing the complex and expanding landscape of distribution deals for content owners and Operators. Deals enables a controlled Contract Workflow, with robust and flexible management for Digital Deals and Linear Deals.



Mediamorph’s Accounting solution automates financial statement processing both for Royalties In and Supplier Payments. It provides finance and accounting teams a robust set of functions including statement ingestion, sophisticated calculations, complex accounting workflows, ERP integration, report production, and streamlined billing.



Our Analytics modules provide access to data for rapid reporting, analysis and informed decision-making. Report Builder is an ad-hoc and scheduled reporting tool delivering efficient self-service information without IT. Interactive Dashboards provide visual reporting for rapid insight and analysis of trends. Custom Reports offer a variety of presentation layers, custom metrics, business logic and web–based prompts to meet specific report output and distribution needs.


Workflow and Scheduling

Workflow and Scheduling, through our strategic partnership with BeBanjo, provides the operational tools that teams need to manage their non-linear VOD systems. BeBanjo enables elegant and intuitive VOD workflow management, non-linear scheduling and asset metadata publication through its award winning cloud-based tools.