With the explosion of platforms in the new digital age of media and entertainment and the speed at which business is done, the entire ecosystem has become very complex with an increasing demand on all players. Some of the key challenges include:

  • Increasing volume of relationships and contracts
  • Increasing number of performance and sales data
  • Shifting of audiences
  • Diversity of information
  • Explosion of devices
  • Reporting complexities

Mediamorph lies at the center of the media and entertainment ecosystem. All major Hollywood studios, leading television networks and the largest video service operators use Mediamorph to better measure, understand and future-proof their businesses in a rapidly changing environment. We do this through our industry leading cloud-based platform that collects rights, performance and social data on an industry-wide scale. We then overlay that data with tools to automate operations, perform data analysis and optimize business results. Mediamorph’s core services include: Cross platform audience measurement, Contracts and rights management, Accounting and royalty automation, and Social data dashboards