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From content chaos to content unified.

Content Value Management (CVM) Platform

Mediamorph’s CVM cloud platform orchestrates the 360° process that brings content value from provider to distributor to the connected consumer.
Our CVM platform processes for the M&E industry
2+ trillion TVOD, SVOD, AVOD transactions processed in the last 12 months
Nearly 20 million avails managed across content providers and distributors

Boost Business Performance

  • Media monetization in 175 countries worldwide
  • Trillions of transactions & billions of dollars of VOD/EST
  • 65% of all TVOD/EST revenue generated globally
  • More than 50% of film studio avails globally  
  • Thousands of optimized price changes delivered to retailers

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Why Our Customers Love Us

We partner with the largest studios, broadcasters, OTT, operators, retailers and beyond to solve real-world content business challenges.
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What’s in it for You?

Real-time access to the right, actionable data.

Sales & Distribution

Our platform unlocks the maximum value of your content with our unique contract and workflow intelligence, enabling the distribution of commercial avails across all platforms. Automation of tedious avail management and transmission frees your workforce to effectively promote, market and track the performance of your assets.

CFO & Finance

Our platform is the industry standard for calculating royalties between content owners and operators/retailers for all common business models. Advanced reconciliation and modeling ensure maximum value for your content.

Head of Content

Our platform gives you real-time views of your contracts and exploited digital media rights and exclusivity. Sophisticated financial tools enable the complex amortization calculation of content costs.


Our platform is context-aware for today’s new media platforms, pushing your content to storefronts with automated workflows for enriching assets, metadata, artwork and more. And for content that isn’t ready, it tracks bottleneck details, so you can react quickly and get it out there.


Our platform’s open API and flexible reporting make us the perfect connector between your existing systems, enhancing the value of your complete technology ecosystem now and into the future.

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“As the largest international cable company, it is important to ensure we are maximizing the value of our content across our entire customer base. Mediamorph’s best-of-breed solutions are an essential component in making that happen, and their new orchestration technologies are quickly having an impact.”

Bob Greene

Managing Director of Online Entertainment, Liberty Global

Liberty Global