Operational Rights Management


Networks, Broadcasters, and Studios are facing challenges tracking and then using rights information to drive and automate operational content flows

Mediamorph’s Operational Rights Management:

  • Manages clearances for produced titles to track releases, third party content, music licensing
  • Manages acquisition rights for acquired titles to track rights from each contract
  • Provides powerful rights publishing to downstream platforms with full details by media, territory, language, device, transmission method, etc

Avails Management Distribution


The growing number of digital retailers, plus the need to support new avails standards, portals, and APIs, has created a major need for investment in an avails platform

Mediamorph’s Avails Management Distribution:

  •   Integrates with existing title master and rights systems
  •   Provides easy user interface with single view of global rights across all platforms
  •   Contains tools for distribution via EMA, retailer APIs, portals, and standard XLS

Avails Aggregation


Operators and Retailers are facing a growing challenge with the increasing number of windows and TPRs; the volume of TVOD & EST Avails from Studios are exploding. Aggregating and taking action on them is tricky and requires constant manual effort

Mediamorph’s Avails Aggregation:

  • Aggregates all studio avails for you
  • Provides them in an easy interface
  • Manages pricing, promotions, metadata, and placement efficiently