Contract to Cash

Content Owners receive full transactional details from internet digital retailers and cable VOD platforms, but consuming the files, validating whether the proper amount is paid based on contract, and then processing to ERP is time consuming and manual.

Mediamorph’s Contract to Cash Solution:

  • Automatically ingests usage statements and allocates revenue at asset and business level
  • Validates or even recalculates contractual pricing 
  • Recognizes revenue by integration with ERP systems 

Amortizations and Accruals

For those who acquire content, calculating the cost of acquired content and applying financial transformations is critical but time-consuming and error-prone.

Mediamorph’s Amortizations and Accruals solution:

  • Captures payment schedules and balances tied to content
  • Performs complex allocations
  • Facilitates adjustments with auditing

Programmer Settlement Reporting

With the explosion of business models, services, and platforms, operators need to build increasingly complex statements for programmers.

Mediamorph’s Programmer Settlement Reporting:

  • Processes subscriber data
  • Computes all common fee types, ranging from residential to B2B
  • Automates statement generation

Content Royalties Reporting

Operators and Digital Retailers must report TVOD & EST royalties back to studios and networks,  which involves difficult calculations that are error-prone and time-consuming.

Mediamorph’s Content Royalties Reporting:

  • Consumes buy data
  • Calculates royalties and guarantees
  • Generates Studio royalty reporting and manages invoices