With massive growth and changes to a wide variety of TV services and platforms, Foxtel faced challenges with managing contracts, deals, data and license fee calculations. Manual processes and spreadsheets led to time delays for report production and analysis, and concerns over calculation error and other financial risks.



Mediamorph introduced several solutions with Foxtel for deal management, financials and analytics. With the help of Mediamorph’s cross-platform reporting, Foxtel was able to centralize repository for contract and details and gain support for all business models such as linear channels, PPV and on-demand. Additionally, automation of data flows and advanced financial calculations created a seamless stream of approval steps for control. Overall, we configured our reporting tools to capture Foxtel’s needs.



Immediately Foxtel saw improvements in the visibility of their contracts, rights and related details across all deals. The system enabled more rapid and accurate calculating and processing of fees for content providers, and reduced risk involved in the removal of manual payment processing steps. The overall flexibility gains will allow Foxtel to adapt as their business changes in the future.