Effective digital licensing of film and TV titles via EST, VOD, SVOD and AVOD became difficult as MGM grew rapidly. MGM faced the challenges of managing high volumes of data and complex title mapping with their time-consuming and error-prone manual processes. Overall, it was difficult to track performance across all deals, resulting in reporting delays.


Mediamorph introduced several modules from data tracking and analytics solutions. Our engineering and operations teams automated POS data ingest and normalization from top digital partners. We combined partner sales with cable VOD data, increased efficacy in self-service queries and reporting, and created custom management reports. Additionally, we provided value-added DEG Analytics on cross-industry sales data.


Across the board, teams saw real-time driving enhanced business decision making. MGM gained efficiencies by eliminating manual tasks, ultimately improving their industry perspective on how MGM content is performing. In total, Mediamorph assisted in improving MGM’s flexibility for managing future licensing deals and in enhancing accounting workflows to tie statement data to contract terms.