Mediamorph Publishes New White Paper Outlining Vision of How Digital Home Entertainment Monetization will be Programmatic and Adaptive

NEW YORK– Mediamorph, the award-winning software partner to the largest Media & Entertainment companies, released a white paper entitled, “The Future of Digital Home Entertainment Content Sales is Programmatic and Adaptive — and It Will Be Huge”.

White paper abstract: Following the course of Programmatic Advertising, sales of Digital Home Entertainment content will also become programmatic and adaptive. As we have witnessed with the explosive growth of Programmatic Advertising, where 59% of all US digital display advertising ($15.43B) was sold programmatically in 2015, we will witness a similar growth in “Programmatic Content”, where studios will sell, merchandise and price their content to Video Service Providers in an adaptive fashion, thus enabling far greater scale and monetization.

“Our customers are telling us the time is now to improve their supply chain technologies, tools, and analytics,” said Rob Gardos, CEO of Mediamorph. “We have invested our resources in software solutions that leverage our global reach to make that happen.”

The full white paper can be downloaded here: Programmatic Adaptive Content Monetization

About Mediamorph:
Mediamorph’s award-winning platform and data management services help studios, networks, and operators manage contracts, rights, and title avails, track content performance, and calculate royalties. We help leading Media & Entertainment companies prosper in a rapidly changing environment. All major Hollywood studios, leading television networks and the largest video service operators rely on the Mediamorph suite of cloud-based products.