Mediamorph Publishes New White Paper – The Content Management Tidal Wave

White paper abstract:
In just a few short years, VOD platforms have seen their content catalogs rise rapidly from 2X to 50X the volume. This explosion of content and the ability to manage rights and the fulfillment process are creating greater complexities. At the same time, the expectations of customers and business partners continue to increase. While great strides have been made thus far, a major effort is required by the industry to help content and distribution partners gain more control of this tsunami of content in order to maximize both revenue and market share.

The industry needs to provide innovative leadership to bridge disparate content supply chains and enable data-driven management decisions. Companies that lead via integration and vendor collaboration across rights, financials, metadata, and supply chain management systems, will best serve the demands of this content bonanza. Doing so will expedite time-to-market, reduce costs, smooth unnecessary friction in the content supply chain, enable merchandising and monetization opportunities, and help partners reduce execution risk.

The full white paper can be downloaded here: The Content Management Tidal Wave

NEW YORK – Mediamorph services the Media & Entertainment industry as a critical bridge connecting content providers and content platforms in the increasingly complex world of video distribution. Our cloud-based enterprise software and data services help customers better understand content value, optimize content exploitation, and maximize revenues. We improve the management of and insight into financial, rights, and consumption information, while streamlining data through customers’ systems and supply chain.