Article: Mike Sid interviewed for “How to track media consumption with one tool” story

How to track media consumption with one tool
BY Michael Foster

The problem for any content provider is simple: How do you know which channel is best for giving your content the exposure it needs? The answer has been fuzzy and controversial for quite some time. While some rely on low-cost banners in the longtail of the online world, others focus only on hyper-argeted search campaigns tied to the right few keywords. Others still just throw content on the big platforms and pray it goes viral.

In reality, a mix of strategies is probably ideal, but how can you know what mix will work for you? To help answer this question, Mediamorph has unleashed a new Digital Retailer Service, making it possible to aggregate and report all sales and royalty reports from various channels.
Partnering with the Digital Entertainment Group, Mediamorph has provided an analytics and Software-as-a-Service product that retailers and content distributors can use to understand changes in the media marketplace. “This is a high volume management engine that is getting some currency in the marketplace, because it allows retailers get higher fidelity from their online campaigns,” said Michael Sid, CEO of Mediamorph.

The Mediamorph story is another reminder of just how crucial online video has become for brands and broadcasters alike. Mediamorph has become a leader in the rapidly growing field of cross-platform audience and ad measurement, which focuses on translating the various performances of content and campaigns on different screens into a cohesive story.

When planning advertising budgets, advertisers need to know what ROI their campaign will get if they place their ads on a television screen, on a YouTube channel, or on the right-hand side of a Facebook home page. Answering this question has never been easy and it is getting harder as more ad unit offerings become available. Mediamorph’s Digital Retailer Service is an important solution to the larger question of how much value there is in diversifying media placements.

That is becoming an increasingly harder question to answer. At this year’s ad:tech NY event, we saw an emerging trend: Instead of offering Swiss army knife solutions, many DSPs and adtech firms were instead pitching to a particular vertical, offering solutions for fashion retailers, or for marketers targeting Hispanics or a certain generation.

While this kind of hyper-specialization will surely work for some long-tail advertisers, they don’t make large-scale branding campaigns any easier. Here is where companies like Mediamorph can help. As scale on television becomes harder to obtain, companies like Mediamorph can augment total television impressions by determining what online alternatives offer greater brand lift and new product awareness.
The future of media analytics is bright and Mediamorph’s data management platform will help make it brighter.

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