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Unify the complex financial journey from contract to the connected consumer.

Mediamorph’s Content Value Management (CVM) Platform orchestrates the 360° process that brings content value from provider to distributor to the connected consumer. With advanced analytics and real-time access to actionable data, our cloud-based software tracks trillions of transactions and billions of dollars annually to maximize media monetization.

Mediamorph has become the industry standard for the business of content, empowering the world’s leading media and entertainment companies. 

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Content Financial Control

Gain control and reduce risk through greater visibility no matter what the volume or complexity.

Monetizing, exploiting, and controlling your content is more complex than ever. No matter where you sit in the entertainment ecosystem, calculating the cost of acquired content or validating inbound payments is complicated, time consuming and error-prone.

Today, you must have the operational flexibility to define and support new models; the managerial visibility to identify issues and correct course in real time; and the data reliability to understand which models, content, and platforms are most profitable, and why. To optimize revenue, eliminate revenue leakage, and ensure full compliance and auditability, you need Mediamorph’s Content Financial Control Solutions.

Content Financial Control Solutions

Revenue Management

Content Cost Amortization & Payments

Transactional Royalties

SVOD/AVOD Partner Payments

Linear Settlements

Content Contracts

Connect all your people, processes and contracts on one platform.

Today’s entertainment ecosystem is radically different today than just 36 months ago. With more content, new platforms, and a new generation of connected consumers, it’s more crucial than ever to utilize Content Contracts that can automate your downstream processes.

Content Contracts are the foundation that innovative media companies need to truly enable and operationalize their content rights. Mediamorph connects your people, processes, and contracts on one platform and removes the friction that can slow you down.

Content Contracts Solution

Content Contract Management

Clearances Management

Channel Package Management

Intelligent Content Workflows

Content Ecosystem & Supply Chain

Ensure the right content, at the right time, at the right price and deliver the right experience to capture today’s connected consumer.

With the growing number of digital retailers, new IPTV and OTT platforms, and the need to support new avails standards, portals, and APIs, companies have a major need for a new solution that can handle this complex and large entertainment ecosystem.

Properly managing and distributing VOD across multiple asset preparation vendors, platforms, and storefronts is critical to ensure the right content at the right time and price while delivering the right experience to capture today’s connected consumer. To successfully control and exploit your content, Mediamorph’s essential tools are necessary to reduce friction and provide greater flexibility.

Content Ecosystem & Supply Chain Solutions

Avails Management & Distribution

Avails Aggregation

Offer Management

Asset Order Management

Price & Merchandising Optimization

Performance Tracking

The industry’s #1 Content Tracking Solution powers up the performance of titles across different platforms in a single centralized view.

One of the chief obstacles content providers face when exploiting new business models is understanding content performance across platforms. Analyzing the performance of titles across platforms in a centralized view is crucial to gaining a competitive advantage and retaining complete financial control.

Mediamorph’s leading Performance Tracking solution ingests over 1000 performance data sources, giving you actionable intelligence to make more informed decisions across your enterprise. An integral part of Mediamorph’s DNA is normalizing and processing trillions of transactions and supporting billions in consumer spending, so our customers can process and get powerful real-time actionable analytics.

Performance Tracking Solutions

Content Performance Tracking

Content Value Analytics

CVM Reporting Suite

Drive Business Value

We change the way you capitalize on your content.
Reduce Revenue Lag

Reduce the lag for recognizing the revenue you’ve earned from months to days with automated accruals.

Speed Up Financials

Radically reduce your financial close time and process from 15 days to 2 days.

Minimize Leakage

Minimize revenue leakage and empower recovery while ensuring accuracy of accruals and revenue recognition.

Centralize Control

Centralized controls and single view increases operational efficiencies while decreasing costs by 70%.

“Mediamorph’s solution allows us to manage digital distribution issues with automated tracking, improved measurement and optimized financial workflow.”

Eleanor O’Carroll
Client Services Manager Global Markets, BBC

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