VOD Supply Chain Intelligence

Broadcasters must ensure that their assets are delivered and available in the right experiences at the right time.

Mediamorph’s VOD Supply Chain Intelligence:

  • Provides a simple, clean UI for announcing availability of content to partners
  • Offers the ability to track the ordering and subsequent progress of asset assembly at third party vendors via API
  • Monitors the content and the metadata for each delivery experience – STB, Web, OTT, Mobile, App, Roku, etc

VOD Publishing Workflows

Operators are launching new IPTV and OTT platforms – managing VOD across many platforms, storefronts, and services is fragmented and complex.

Mediamorph’s VOD Publishing Workflow:

  • Understands which assets can be used in each platform
  • Centralizes your VOD workflows:  manage once, publish to many platforms

VOD Asset Component Tracking

For operators, VOD is a crucial part of the Pay TV subscription – ensuring timely asset processing is growing harder, and visibility across disparate systems is impossible.

Mediamorph’s VOD Asset Component Tracking:

  • Tracks asset components: Video, Posters, Localizations, Trailer, etc.
  • Surfaces what is late, what requires escalation, and what is already there