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The TV Time app: Your Source for the Media Latest Trends

Whip’s TV tracking app has over 26 million users around the world. It offers users unique opportunities to explore their favorite movies, television shows, and streaming programs, as well as discover new offerings that align with their viewing habits and preferences. In addition, our media industry reports provide insights based on a balanced panel of users of the TV Time app.

Track the Most Anticipated Movies & Shows of the Season

One of the most valuable insights available through TV Time is viewership anticipation reports. These specialized reports analyze activity throughout the United States and other highly influential countries. The anticipated rankings for unreleased programming are determined by the number of followers each show has garnered. Additionally, users can engage in TV tracking for new and current shows and follow unreleased shows by watching premieres and indicating interest in viewership.

Unrivaled Global Entertainment Metadata

Whether you’re looking to introduce global content to the North American market or bring movies and shows made in the USA worldwide, Whip’s TV Time tracking app can help. Studios, distributors, platforms, and operators worldwide can significantly benefit from Whip’s data reporting and analysis, as many highly anticipated media programs originate outside the United States. Our reporting is segmented for Europe and South America’s largest, most profitable media markets, including Spain, Brazil, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, and more.

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