With rapid growth on a wide variety of digital platforms, Viacom faced issues tracking the contact deals and renewal processes for deals of value over $1 million. Viacom also found difficulty capturing the contracts terms and rights at various stages with different levels of detail during negotiation processes. Viacom lacked these various approval stages that were needed to ensure proper sign off.



Mediamorph implemented many deal management solutions with integrated approval workflow with Viacom. This allowed Viacom to obtain a detailed capture of deal terms and contract changes. Mediamorph made the transition seamless by modeling approval steps to match Viacom’s processes. Not only did approval steps match Viacom’s processes, but were customized for each stage, region, and deal value.



Viacom was quickly able to see clear tracking on the progress of their deals beginning with the initial entry all the way to the final sign-off. The system improved visibility of content deals across its global affiliate business. Overall, the Mediamorph platform allowed for Viacom’s approval mechanism to become more flexible, ultimately providing better control of the approval process.